Another Russian charade

Russia made several more moves today that caught the Obama administration off guard again.  A longer post will follow tonight. So far the best analysis is Ralph Peters’ succinct take on FOX news today.  I’m in the middle of cooking stuffed shells, so the link will come later.  The short version is Putin has grand strategic aims to create a wall of Russian-friendly states. Putin intends to prop up Assad more than fight ISIS.  The Russian airstrikes hit Free Syrian Army targets, not ISIS.  Peters believes Putin will wipe out the other rebel forces first, leaving the US with a fait accompli – Assad or ISIS.  Oh, and Obama will chase pixie dust fairies and other magical solutions.

The Russians used masterful propaganda – all the West’s most cherished things – internatinal order, international law, the UN, humanitarianism, and last, but not least, Putin came bearing the cross, as champion of persecuted Christians.  All echoed with the old Soviet “World Peace” propaganda. Obama’s string of actions, leaving America at this low point, either are the work of a nincompoop or a traitor – you decide….

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One response to “Another Russian charade

  1. Robert

    Sorry I’m way down the page but I vote “traitor”. I have posited more than once that Obama is about applying a salve to the wounds of the Left from losing the Cold War. Obama is only an idiot to people who expect him to act contrary to his Leftist make believe world where everyone else thinks like him and those that don’t are sort of “odd”.

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