The largest power vacuum in the world

FOX News has a group of women and former US Senator Scott Brown on “analyzing”  Putin’s UN speech.  I’ll sum it up on for you, because they seem to be clueless – Putin stole the US’s moral high ground in the fight against the Islamic State.

Obama, the neocon think tanks/arm the Syrian moderate brain trust and McCain with his foreign policy legislative assistant, O’Bagy, to help keep him “informed” have bungled the American effort to defeat the Islamic State.

All of the regional leaders who were counting on the US have decided to talk to Putin.

So, when McCain tries to blame Obama and Obama blames the military, McCain or others and the neocons wail about how we need to ramp up the hunt for elusive Syrian moderates to be our boots on the ground in Syria – just remember, this is a huge American policy FAILURE, because the rest of the world doesn’t care about the internal partisan finger-pointing.  They see America!

It’s a very sad day when Russia is outlining a better policy than the US.  I am so disgusted with the lack of American leadership, which sad to say,  is the largest power vacuum in the world at the moment!

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  1. JK

    Appears to me the folks at FOX might’ve been better served reading LB, your post of the 26th and the link from the 21st to wit:

    “U.S. chiding and awkward attempts to deny air clearance to Russian transports aside, the White House appears blindsided by Russia’s new Syria policy. Moscow’s speed of action and decision-making remains an advantage. Russia has pressed the United States to resume military-to-military consultations, which were suspended a year ago. That was stated as a request, but by installing tactical aviation in Latakia, just a few miles away from the U.S.-imposed no-fly zone, Russia clearly plans to leave the United States no choice . The White House already agreed and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter spoke directly to Russia’s Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu on Friday to discuss mechanisms for de-confliction of effort. This is likely a prelude to a larger proposition. The ideal scenario for Moscow a meeting between Presidents Obama and Putin while the latter is in New York to speak at the UN on September 28th.”

    Well. Here it is the 28th.

    A couple of musings – if the White House “appears blindsided” eight damn days ago, how might a FOX news analyst describe it today?

    “Perplexed” perhaps? Suggestions welcomed.

    Wonder if Secretary of State John Kerry wishes he could’ve postponed the day’s meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas so he could be at Obama’s side enjoying cheery meetings and good food at the UN today?

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