Senator Cotton asks the right questions

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the Senate Intelligence Committee today:

“National Security Administration director Mike Rogers confirmed Thursday that Hillary Clinton’s email correspondence would have been a top priority for foreign spies and hackers, the Associated Press reported.

“Are the communications of the senior-most advisors to the president of the United States—even those that may be unclassified—a top priority for foreign intelligence services, in your opinion?” Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) asked in a hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Yes,” Rogers said.”

The video above is also from the Washington Free Beacon story.

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One response to “Senator Cotton asks the right questions

  1. JK


    Nobody is gonna be calling September 28, 2015 “a slow news day.”

    Suggestion for Team Obama – Why not offer the Pope a piece of Federal property out in Nevada, nearabouts twice the acreage of the current Vatican City and see if he’ll swallow hook, line and sinker what y’all been trying to feed the American Electorate since January 20th, 2009?

    If y’all Team Obama run into any difficulties negotiating the land swap, maybe you can use that red telephone in the Oval Office to ring Vlad to help with the negotiations. If Vlad balks all Obama need do is write an Executive Order making Putin Secretary of the BLM [Bureau of Land Management].

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