Short take on the debate

A day to think about last night’s Republican debate and the thing I liked the best was the Reagan plane in the background.  The format served the candidates and the moderators poorly – too many candidates and not enough time for them to really showcase themselves.  Some disappeared into the Trump/Bush/Fiorina contrails.  Three hours felt like torture to me.

If you were scoring for substance and being well-prepared, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio won on that score.  Ted Cruz can talk for hours authoritatively, but in both debates, it seemed like the moderators shut him up quickly.  Trump offered the same talking points, with no added substance to his grandiose promises, but the polls reflect kindly on him.  The rest of the pack did okay – no real stand out moments.

The real stand out moment for me was Trump rambling on about somebody’s kid whom he knows who became autistic after vaccines.  In that moment I decided his true calling is not politics, but a permanent seat on The View (they can bring back Jenny McCarthy, so Trump and she can compare anecdotal stories on autism)…   Really, people are following this man, like he’s some sage…. scary times in America!

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