Next will be quotas

After writing about my skepticism regarding the female Ranger School graduates, I wondered if I might be wrong and what if they completed every task just like the men.  Well, here’s the truth of the matter, it’s not about them at all, it’s about a political agenda the President ordered and these females serve as propaganda tools – nothing more.  Their propaganda value mattered enough that he took time out from his golfing to attend their graduation.

Likewise, the careful test conducted by the Marine Corps doesn’t matter either, for the same reason – this is about a political agenda.

From watching this many times over the years, here is how this progresses from getting a female poster girl out there (Ms 1st at whatever), the agenda moves to getting more women into those male-only fields.  That means quotas and careful monitoring on how the integration is progressing.  Once the politicization moves to this stage, that’s where the standards end up being quietly altered (lowered where decisions are made to eliminate or lower requirements that women can’t meet) or standards just get ignored to pass women and a double standard emerges in practice , which always erodes not only actual job performance, but also unit cohesiveness and morale.

All failures are tossed at the feet of the male culture in the military and both women and men end up poorly served.

The end result is always a weaker, less effective team. In the real world weaker teams end up costing lives and losing wars, which rests as a high cost to pay to promote a political agenda


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