Could the drips become a deluge?

Here’s an unconfirmed report, so let me say it’s internet gossip at this point:

“Exposed! Libya Security Briefs, Algeria Hostage Info & More — Hacker Threatens To Sell Hillary Clinton’s ENTIRE UNRELEASED Private Emails For $500K”

Update:  The Smoking Gun states that the person claiming to have Clinton emails is a scam artist –


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7 responses to “Could the drips become a deluge?

  1. JK

    Haven’t read the complete “thing” yet … actually just noticed the “I didn’t stop and think …”

    But, this is about the lamest thing I’ve (yet to’ve) heard.

    Jeebers. Her husband was the for Chissakes, a bleeping President and she herself a US Senator – leaving aside Sec/State.

    Can she possibly believe “We” are so stupid?

    That alone (in a normal world) would automatically disqualify her to even be a President’s Press Secretary.–election.html

  2. She and her minions are grasping for the right phrases to spin this scandal into the dust. She is doing everything she can to avoid taking any responsibility for setting up a private, unsecured email server, to avoid using the State Department email system. Only she can really answer as to why she did this, but I suspect it’s because she’s a paranoid, partisan ideologue so fixated on “vast, right-wing conspiracy theories”, that she truly did not even think about the national security implications. Her fixation has always been domestic, partisan political battles. She’s a menace to national security – potentially as damaging as Edward Snowden and that weirdo, Bradley/Chelsea Manning.

  3. JK

    “…that she truly did not even think about the national security implications …”

    Hmmm LB, anybody else I’d heard such from, but she especially not so much a FLOTER but Dear Lord a US Senator (no I don’t know what Committee assignments/positions she may’ve held but Shit LB (And yes I know you know) if a “lowly” Pershing Missileer is gonna get *Read-In* … Are Any of us to believe a US Senator Isn’t?

    That strains even a nincompoop “Prefer-If-I-Can-Help-It” from Active Service either Party’s mind CinC!

    Remember that “Who do you trust to take that Three AM call?” Wasn’t that *She Who Would* Be So Qualified? (I personally can’t remember these days of Forever Politician Campaigns but it’s probably on Wikipedia) However I’d think/hope

    Even according to Wikipedia for Chrissakes – any Executive Level Cabinet Officer & For Damn Sure the US Secretary of State would “just naturally figure even if it was a Blackberry (and we all remember the ruckus of Obama sitting out on the porch of the Oval Office sneaking a cigarette but the Secret Service raising Holy Hell about him talking on a Blackberry?


    Coming from you LB especially – that seems like – even by your standards, damn wide latitude. So be it.

    And as I’ve mentioned I don’t know what Senate Committees the US Senator from New York was on but all I can imagine was, her Chief-of-Staff had to’ve been Edward Snowden or Chelsea! (The Chelsea in Leavenworth not the one in Little Rock.)

    This is plumb ridiculous.

    Anybody else and the FBI would’ve already done what the FBI does to “normal people.”

    There was a time I believed in the FBI.

    • Oh, JK, as to the “wide-latitude”, I am not excusing her, just offering my observations, as an amateur observer of one HRC for 20-some odd years, into the inner-workings of her thought-process, such as it is, for the much overrated “smartest woman in the world”. She thinks only of her political advancement and advantage. National security to her is getting the “right” committee assignments in the Senate and voting the “right” way to build a passable national security portfolio to be President – nothing more, nothing less. The thought that her self-serving actions might jeopardize actual agents in the field or expose ways and methodologies never entered her mind, so on that one issue – she probably is being truthful.

  4. Anybody else and the FBI would’ve already done what the FBI does to “normal people.”

    She’s the Queen, otherwise she’d be doing her explaining in Old Bailey….

  5. JK, I am trying to keep track of how many other people, without proper security clearances, she knowingly allowed to have access to her server. Her lawyer, Kendall, possibly this Heather Samuelson, the two Platte River techs, possibly Blumenthal. She had the unsecured server, her I-pad, her phone. Her server was on the same system as the Bill’s for the Clinton Foundation. Her minions transferred classified information from secure systems to her unsecured system. And she’s still airily dismissing all of it….

    You or I would have been awaiting the results of the FBI investigation behind bars as soon as the first piece of classified information showed up in that pile.

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