Has Hillary’s security clearance been revoked yet?

Since the news of Hillary Clinton’s private email server came to light, her narrative has evolved to cover her designer pant suit clad butt.  Let me just be blunt and to the point, she is a deceitful, bold-faced liar!  The FBI continues to investigate, her enablers in the media continue to run interference and damage control for her and the damaging information and leaks continue to pound her pathetic denials of any wrongdoing into dust.

All we know just leads to more questions, which I will toss out some of mine and if you have more, please just toss them into the comments section.

With about a third of the emails she had turned over to the State Department released, hundreds contain classified information and a couple contain top secret signal intelligence, which possibly exposed ways and means of our most sensitive intelligence-gathering.  Don’t forget she deleted tens of thousand of her “personal” emails, the yoga schedules and Chelsea’s wedding stuff, which are not part of these being released by the State Department.  Due to her mendacity, those tens of thousands might be many more.  She mentioned a “careful process” to produce her work-related emails that she turned over to the State Department (some 55,000 pages).  Who assisted in that sorting and copying process and did all of those involved have the proper security clearance to handle that information?  She gave her lawyer a thumb-drive(s) of the emails, which the State Department rather than securing, they delivered a safe for the lawyer to keep in his office.  What sort of security did that provide in his law office?

Her loyal spin doctors, whom I have referred to as sewer rats, since 1998, continue to dodge and deflect to obfuscate with lame lines like, “other Secretaries of State used personal email too, but that’s a flimsy lie.  They used personal email at times, but none used personal email exclusively to do all of their State Department business and NONE set up some insecure, home-brewed server, from which to run their own personal email account, which she had other close aides use too.   She unilaterally made this decision to avoid following the FOIA rules and to hide her email activity.  She took no precautions to safeguard her private server in a manner consistent with requirements for classified and sensitive information.

The  Server – knowns and unknowns:

When did this home-brewed server actually come into existence, because initial reports state 2010, but a report in recent days states her server was added to a server system President Clinton already had?  When did the Clintons acquire that server system, who maintained it and where was it located?  Were these servers on the same system during her entire tenure as Secretary of State and housed in their home in Chappaqua or were they in an office in downtown Manhattan, as some reporters deduce?  Who set this server system up and who maintained it?

Everyone has an IT person they turn to fix computer stuff.  I turn to my son who is a computer software engineer for a aeronautics corporation, so why did Hillary Clinton turn to some start-up IT?  With experienced security and IT personnel right in the State Department, why didn’t she consult them?  After Sidney Blumenthal’s email was hacked in 2013  according to news reports she turned to Platte River Networks. 

Then there’s a myriad of questions of when was her server wiped clean, who wiped it clean, where was that done and who all had access to her server throughout it’s existence?  All of these people had access to unsecured top secret information. Did Hillary Clinton do anything to make sure those people were cleared for access to this information?  She set up this private server, so she is ultimately responsible for classified information, to include top secret signal intelligence being passed on that server.

The bigger picture:

We’ve heard endless concerns about the NSA storing meta-data on every email sent and received in the US.  Can’t they find her missing emails and aid the FBI in gathering that missing information?  Of course, the Russians and Chinese (among other countries) intelligence services, assuredly have every last email from her server and the Russians and Chinese most definitely are better record-keepers than the US, so her emails will come back to haunt US intelligence for years to come.  That top secret signal intelligence contained information that could expose intelligence assets and methods to our enemies too.

It only gets worse as information dribbles out.  She would have been far better to own up to her private server and admit she made a terrible mistake, but instead she will brazen her way through and lie, lie, lie.  But I want one simple question answered;

Has her security clearance been revoked yet?





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