The “girl power” club in America reaches puberty

For a completely different take on the Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly dust up, G. Murphy Donovan penned an amazingly blunt assessment of “tampon politics”, “Rosie, Megyn, Carly and Hillary”, at New English Review.  Being a very sparse TV viewer or tabloid reader, I learned the details of the long-running Trump vs Rosie feud and was presented a New York perspective too. GMD writes:

“You are more likely to encounter misandry, not misogyny, on the daytime chat circuit. Indeed, the daylight airwaves and audience are dominated by shallow girls and girly men. Real men and women are usually busy at real jobs between nine and five.

Maybe somebody needs to explain the “New York way” to Megyn too. If a bully gives you a fat lip in Queens, you respond with a bloody nose. And if you behave like a “pig” in the Bronx, no one treats you like a lady. And if you are loud and rude in Manhattan, you might get a network chat show, but you are not a victim. There are enough real victims in NYC like the now iconic Kitty Genovese, without squandering compassion on misandrist misanthropes.”

GMD wins bonus points just for using the word “misanthropes”, as he lays out the truth about the girl power club in America, yet I still disagree with him on Trump.  The man who brags about writing, “The Art of the Deal”,  should have been able to deftly disarm Kelly and her stink bomb question, much like Reagan often did, with calm aplomb and humor.  Instead, Trump reacted in anger, then ran to CNN to whine about being treated unfairly on FOX, like a wussy.  Later, he retaliated on Twitter, like a petulant 12-year-old boy.  None of Trump’s responses though speaks to the hypocrisy of the feminists’ reaction, from Carly to Hillary, who closed ranks in feigned outrage nor answers why Kelly threw that stink bomb question in the first place.  Very likely GMD called it correctly:

“Having it both ways is a time-honored American double standard, a kind of behavioral Title IX for politics. Hat tip to Orwell!”


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2 responses to “The “girl power” club in America reaches puberty

  1. Kinnison

    Good one, Belle…

  2. Kinnison, GMD’s writing reminds me of a favorite social commentator of mine, Theodore Dalrymple who also dissects our dysfunctional society with a similar very sharp knife.

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