Hillary shirks responsibility again

Here’s a quick lesson on judging moral character.  Yesterday, Hillary Clinton came out and repeated the same lies and parsing as previously, while admitting her private server wasn’t a good idea in retrospect.  She cloaked this as “taking full responsibility”, which amounts to another huge LIE.  Not admitting that classified information was passed on her private server, possibly both sent and received, shirks ALL responsibility.  It’s at best a clumsy attempt to deflect, because she will now come out and repeat, “I already took full responsibility”, in hopes of burying this email server scandal.  Her shills in the media will dutifully repeat, “But, she’s taken full responsibility for her private server.”  Taking responsibility requires owning up to ALL the repercussions of her private server – admitting that classified information was passed on her server and she did not stop it.  That’s called being an honorable leader, you take full responsibility for the bad decisions you made by telling the truth and facing the consequences.  She’s doing everything in her power to bury the truth and avoid any consequences, moving 180 degrees from taking full responsibility

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