One from the left

One candidate that isn’t getting much notice who might be worth looking at – Jim Webb, the former Democratic senator from Virgina.  He mentioned FDR and Ronald Reagan as his two favorite presidents of the 20th century during a question and answer session at the Iowa State Fair according to this Washington Times report:

“The other favorite is Ronald Reagan — I served in the Reagan administration,” said Mr. Webb, who served as secretary of the Navy under Mr. Reagan. “And I will tell you, the Reagan administration did a terrific job whether you agreed politically with them or not of putting strong people into the administration, giving them guidance and having them step [forward] and lead.

“In a Webb administration, we will do that — we will bring the greatest minds in America to the table, give them direction as to where we want this country to go and have them lead,” he said, speaking at the Des Moines Register’s political “soapbox” at the fair.

I’m adding him to my list of candidates to watch.

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