Hillary Clinton to give her private email server to Justice

– CNN reports.


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4 responses to “Finally!

  1. JK

    Let us hope nobody on Team Hillary knows what a Degausser is, is.

    Except, I’m very willing to wager, Everybody on that Team does.

    Of course even us “Old-Timey-Voters” see there’s a problem. Not so much the Russians the Chinese and heck

    for that matter the Libyans.

    Us (lawfully US voters) has the problem.

    At this point what difference does it make !!!

    • Her mop and bucket team leaves lots of dirty trails….. definitely not very tidy cleaner-uppers, lol. Who knows what other tracks they’ve failed to wipe clean. She can erase all the emails she sent to all these people from that server, but the recipients/senders have copies – they might start singing if the heat turns on them. Eventually, if the pressure intensifies on some of her little helpers….. some might say, “She told us to do it!”, in order to save themselves. Got to admit I’d love to see Cheryl Mills held accountable for once too.

  2. I recommend reading this analysis of her server by William A. Jacobson at the Legal Insurrection blog:

    Beyond the obvious, Jacobson writes:

    “The server has been wiped clean, according to Hillary‚Äôs lawyers. But that may not be the last word on it. The feds are extremely good at overcoming all but the most sophisticated wipes. The inspection also may reveal the timeline when the document destruction took place.”

    A timeline – now that would be helpful too.

  3. …And now that the server is in the hands of the politicized, radicalized Obama “Justice” Department you can bet that getting anyt information off of that server by the House Special Committee or those organizations that have filed for access under FOA rules will be nearly to completely impossible. The Administration can now say that the server is in physical custody of “Justice” and is “being studied”, and they will stonewall to hell and back.

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