Iran: The Big Sell | Foreign Policy Research Institute

Iran: The Big Sell | Foreign Policy Research Institute.  Hat tip to JK.

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  1. JK

    Art added a postscript to this article anyone who found it “interesting/useful” might want to read.

    “The Big Sell” Postscript, Sunday, August 9, 2015.

    “When I wrote “The Big Sell” on Thursday last (August 6), I really was momentarily bewildered by where President Obama got so much “permanently” and “never” kinds of language. I was also in a bit of a hurry and concerned about making the piece both too long and too technical. Now I’ve confirmed the source of those statements, and I think their tall-tale like nature deserves to be aired in brief.”

    “The President was referring to the NPT and, more specifically to the Additional Protocol. It is true that the JCPOA refers to the NPT and to the Additional Protocol, but the JCPOA itself does not explicitly repeat the contents of the Additional Protocol. So when the President claimed that the JCPOA accomplished this and that, at best its accomplishments are indirect. But the President’s claims are even more misleading, and for three reasons.”

    “First, Iran is not a party to the Additional Protocol. The position of the Iranian government is that it will observe the Protocol provisionally, but will not submit it to the Iranian parliament (majlis) for eight years. That eight-year wait is explicitly mentioned in conjunction with the Additional Protocol in the JCPOA (Part A, Paragraph 1).”

    “Second, the way the Additional Protocol is written is ambiguous enough so that while the IAEA can request that an inspection take place in as little as two hours, the target state can readily refuse the request or delay agreement to honor it.”

    “Third, of course, Iran has been in violation of its NPT commitments consistently for at least the past two decades. That’s where the seven UNSCR censures came from. So for the President to rely on a consistently violated NPT and a not-yet-ratified Additional Protocol to make such grand claims strikes me as a Rosemary Woods-scale stretch.”

    “In addition, of course, all agreements of this sort—the NPT and the JCPOA and lots of others—are voluntary. Just as North Korea simply walked out of the NPT in 2003, Iran could walk out too at a time of its choosing.”

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