Clinton national security train ready to derail

“Data in Clinton’s ‘secret’ emails came from 5 intelligence agencies”

McClatchyDC ran the above linked story July 30, 2015, which belies the parsing and prevaricating proffered by the smartest woman in the world.  This revelation comes after an examination of just 40 of the tens of thousands of emails Hillary Clinton’s lawyers turned over to the State Department.  One can only wonder what the total number of breaches of sending classified information via an insecure private email serve will be.

Most assuredly the odds are that several countries’ foreign intelligence services knew of her private server and have preserved all of her emails for future use to embarrass and/or blackmail her.  She and her simpering court jesters seem to be the only ones oblivious to the reality that she is already compromised and an unparalleled national security risk among all the other candidates for President (past or present).


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7 responses to “Clinton national security train ready to derail

  1. Robert

    She has compromised national security. Obama is compromising and has compromised national security. Aren’t these events impeachable offenses not to mention traitors to their oaths of office?

  2. Yes Robert, except those entrusted to impeach are too corrupt and cowardly to do so and the vast majority of Americans don’t even follow the news or have any inkling about The Constitution.

    The only thing that grabs the American consciousness is a sex scandal, which is the only reason the American people started paying attention to the Lewinsky scandal.

  3. JK

    “The only thing that grabs the American consciousness is a sex scandal …

    I beg to differ, there are some other things as well. Cecil The (until recently) King of the Jungle …

    Or, as the people of Zimbabwe might say, “What Lion?”

  4. JK

    Further developments

    From which my pullquote has me chuckling at the thought that, “Well if the Zimbabweans harbor doubts that the US Courts might have doubts as to the competency of their Judiciary, the Zimbabweans may rest assured we Americans harbor even more doubts about the competency of our own US Judiciary!”


    “They (U.S. courts) may actually doubt the competence of the judiciary here to try him in an objective manner particularly given these prejudicial pronouncements that the politicians are already making,” said [attorney] Muchadehama.”

  5. Minta Marie Morze


    Along with your excellent points, think about this: There are governments and companies throughout the world that have communicated by email with the Clintons in all their endeavors, and those emails are probably in the hands of international intelligence services and other, non-government and quasi-government individuals and groups—not to mention the records of all other communication methodologies. Moreover, deeply interested outsiders of all stripes will have a list of and complete information about all the Clinton spinoffs, partnerships, contacts-of-mutual-interest, etc. The infrastructure and superstructures of corruption are worldwide, and avariciously ready to feast on the data thereby captured.

    If HRC were to become president, the predators will will be unleashed; if, as I think is likely—because I believe the Administration can’t stand by and let her gain that kind of power—if the Clintons and their nexus of corruption start to be openly attacked by levels of “justice” systems from the states and even the federal government, the results will reverberate throughout the world. When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    Those who have great secrets face great dangers.

  6. “Those who have great secrets face great dangers.”

    Wonderfully stated Minta! If the house of Clinton begins to implode, it will be interesting to watch when Bill Clinton jumps ship to save himself. He is the weaker of the two characters and with enough pressure, he will abandon her to save himself, after all he has a Presidential legacy to try and salvage. He will point and say, “She did it!” or some variation of “She lied to me; I had no idea.”

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