The Syrian moderates mirage again

After writing about John McCain and his dubious foreign policy acumen in my previous post, this headline is too delicious for me to resist:

#BringBackOurRebels: Obama’s 50-Man ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Army Vanishes After Training in Turkey

Patrick Poole over at PJ Media reports on this $500 million dollar “training of vetted Syrian moderates” project, of which John McCain has been the premiere promoter.  Here’s a clue, he rode his “war hero” status in Congress for decades and by virtue of that he’s accorded this deference as an expert on military matters and foreign policy.  This Syrian moderate rebels delusion was fueled by foreign lobbyists, who escorted John McCain to Syria in 2013, where he is pictured with a man who looks like Abu Mosa, later the ISIS press officer.

On that 2013 “fact-finding” trip, McCain was escorted by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a lobbying group for the Syrian resistance.  A young woman, Elizabeth O’Bagy, became the voice of expertise on the disposition of Syrian rebel forces, culminating in her appearance as a subject matter expert from the Institute of the Study of War (ISW).  Dr. O’Bagy was exposed as a fraud, who lied about completing her doctorate work at Georgetown. She was fired from the ISW, but who should ride to her rescue – none other than John McCain, who hired O’Bagy as a legislative assistant.   McCain hired a fraud and if you want to really wade into a murky swamp, just do a few searches on Bryan Preston’s research into Elizabeth O’Bagy’s background, but despite her being exposed as a liar, McCain hired her and bolstered her credibility rather than being wary of her foreign ties and loyalties.  I still want to know who Elizabeth O’Bagy’s foreign contacts are – there’s more lurking there, if that swamp is ever drained.


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3 responses to “The Syrian moderates mirage again

    • That’s pretty funny JK. I love to read the comments on blogs. On Patrick Poole’s article at PJ Media, the first comment I saw on the missing moderates: “They forgot their Obamaphones.”

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