Wolf Blitzer Makes A Fool Of Susan Rice On Iran Funding Terrorists

Wolf Blitzer Makes A Fool Of Susan Rice On Iran Funding Terrorists.


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3 responses to “Wolf Blitzer Makes A Fool Of Susan Rice On Iran Funding Terrorists

  1. Susan Rice, as most noted when she was Ambassador to the UN, is not the sharpest potato in the basket. She, the Hildebeast at State, and the ever-naive academic Susan Power who took Rice’s place at the UN, are the triumverate of leftist-liberal “humanitarian interventionist” witches who advised Obama on Libya and Syria. Rice and Power are still doing so, along with the White House’s “grey imminence” Iranian-born, Chicago Democratic Machine-raised, Valerie, “Michelle’s Bestie”, Jarrett. Together, they pull the strings on the puppet-in-a-bespoke-suit that, when he is not on the golf course, sits with his feet propped on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office of the White House.

  2. JK

    Quick !!! Somebody nominate that Kinnison guy for the Reality Award !!!


    What? !!!

    [Hold on please LB

    … … You gotta be sh#!!*ing me, there’s a ______ _______ Presidential Medal of Freedom Medal ain’t there?


    So. Hold on a second, Lemme get some kinda grip … any body in this here house got anything other than what’s my normal?


    Yeah I know that single malt is the only thing in the house and yeah I’m aware it’s a’purposed but … give it to me. Yeah yeah I’ll drink to my friends time comes but they’ll understand it best as I do now Later.


    They’ll know. Appreciate. I have it on the best authority.

    B b b … Caitlyn Jenner !!!


    No. It’s just that realizing a President could hand out a Medal for the shit I seen him handing out lately to discover he couldn’t hand out a Medal of Reality was kinda a shock.

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