That omnipresent vast, right-wing conspiracy (yawn)

Last night Megyn Kelly had Robert Zimmerman, a seasoned Democratic strategist, on to discuss Hillary’s first sit-down interview with a reporter at CNN, since announcing her 2016 run for President months ago.  Zimmerman masterfully spun Kelly into a stuttering blob and once again used the old Clinton tactic of citing polls as a defense and tossing out the canard of the vast, right-wing conspiracy out to get her.  This worked brilliantly throughout the Clinton impeachment debacle, because the press, politicians and the American people accept polls as some sacred number, where majority opinion decides what’s right and wrong, not the law or the truth.  So, it doesn’t matter that she’s a pathological liar who tramples on the law, what matters is that she is ahead in the polls.  The lemming mentality run amok in America.

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