The Hillary refresher course

For a Hillary Clinton refresher course on who she really is, Michael Walsh at PJ Media posted a video: “Hillary Clinton Exposed!”, the full hour and half, Citizens United version, along with a 2-page piece he wrote.  Despite having almost universal name recognition,  her political handlers keep doing these Svengali propaganda campaigns to reinvent her image, her bio and her character.  During her boring relaunch on Saturday, Hillary mentioned Citizens United by name, because she will certainly try to bury all the Clinton scandals, past and present, from marring her new image as the “kickass grandmother”.  Just beware this new image masks a ruthless megalomaniac, who will stop at nothing to become the “first” female President.


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3 responses to “The Hillary refresher course

  1. Robert

    Hillary, the known Alinskyite and committed neo Marxist keeps trying to reintroduce herself. Maybe the richer she gets the more she has to deny her wealth.

  2. JK

    Gonna be hard to get richer Robert than “We were dead broke.”

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