The “kick-ass grandmother” challenge

Roger L. Simon at PJ Media reports on Hillary’s relaunch of her sagging, flagging, campaign, “Hillary Clinton: America’s Most Boring Public Speaker”, where she attempted to reinvigorate her supporters by nagging at them for three-quarters of an hour. He writes:

“It was problem after problem, cliché after cliché until you couldn’t listen anymore.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a fresh idea. No new solutions to these problems on offer, only generalities. (In case you didn’t know it, she’s for equal pay for women and supports people with disabilities.)  This was a generic speech out of the last twenty years.  I kept wondering who were these automatons waving their flags in the audience.  Maybe they were worried about the high cost of Ambien. Elect Hillary and we won’t need a sleeping pill ever again.”

Her staffers must have felt all pleased with her pompous intonations about  Republicans still stuck in “Yesterday” and her reciting lines from the oldddddddddd (1965) Beatles song, a hit in her own generation, but far-removed  from young (ish) voters……… even those who are 40.  Of course, within hours, the Rubio campaign pounced and released another clever ad using clips of Hillary’s relaunch blabbing about “Yesterday”, followed by his fresh, energetic:

“Yesterday is over,” Rubio says in the ad. “And we’re never going back.”

“Before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of America,” he adds. “But we can’t do that by going back to the leaders and the ideas of the past.”

“We must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them.”

Of course, there are plenty of feminists in the media to carry plenty of water for Hillary and try to present her as a newly emerged Phoenix from the ashes of past male advisers steering her wrong.  Yes, according to Gail Sheehy, the new Hillary is authentic, genuine and comfortable in her own skin (like a venomous snake freshly shedding the old….. oops, I got carried away):

“In 2008, Clinton allowed her husband and her bullying, sexist chief strategist, Mark Penn, to run her as an alpha male commander-in-chief. From the start of the presidential campaign, she came across as brittle and overbearing. No wonder voters sensed an authenticity problem. This time, though, Clinton is not running as a made-over man. She is in a new stage of life, having become the kickass grandma with a cackle and a fierce new brand of feminism. Sure, as an older woman she is vulnerable to, well, age—but she’s also more genuinely nurturing than ever, and personally committed to protecting the young from erosion of the American dream. She’s gentler; she’s bolder. The hell with losing weight. Let her new image consultant worry about her hair, which is shorter, blonder, simpler.”

Read more:

If Rachel Dolezal can be trans-racial, I guess it is only a small leap for Hillary to be trans-character, all her sins of the past are erased – no private email server to answer for, no Clinton foundation funds to account for, no disastrous decisions in past governmental positions to explain.  Even though most Americans don’t trust her and doubt her honesty,  she’s now being rebranded as a “kickass grandma with a cackle and fierce new brand of feminism“, and don’t mention she rode her much more talented husband’s political coattails to get to this new feminist identity….

Someday, I would like her sins from the past to be aired in public – like going back to the women she attacked during impeachment, even a private citizen who dared challenge her minions on a message board.  Yes, I’ve stated it many times, my “Messages of mhere” story, although written in a lighthearted manner is absolutely true.  The entire saga is tabbed at the top of my home page here.  I offered the real-life identities of all the characters to several reporters last year and not a single one bothered to even  respond.

In light of recent revelations of her private email server in her home, her own private intelligence agents while she was Secretary of State, does it sound so far-fetched that she would use her husband’s power as President to send out a retired general to silence a troublesome Army wife?  I believe her minions, while investigating me, came across this general, who hates me;  a general whose wife was the Army’s version of  this “kickass grandma”, to include the blond hair.    My great offense was challenging this woman about some of her family support decisions during a long ago war.  I wrote some letters to my husband’s company commander during that war and unbeknownst to me (until several years later), those very irreverent letters of mine had made it to DA.  I heard there was a big stink at DA.

Years later, this general retired abruptly while serving overseas in a high-profile position for President Clinton.  He became a FOB (Friend of Bill) member – available to sell the Clinton policies, another paid speech-maker, just like them.

I believe I was cast as some dangerous, far-right zealot, when the truth, if it even matters anymore, is I was an Army wife, community volunteer, Mom, who likes to bake, do needlework and ummm write about politics, military strategy and foreign policy.  I am a zealous rule-follower, who has never had so much as a speeding ticket and I have never owned a firearm in my life, nor do I belong to any political organizations.   Why I still care is – I was attacked in my own home, on private property in America by a retired general sent by someone (s), and I believe she was behind it.  I sure would like to know that chain of command and I want every person held accountable for attacking me in my home.  And this grandma, sporting blue-collar roots, rather than bleached blond, big money privileged ones, sure would like to drag that kickass grandma to justice and expose what happened to me in late ’98 thru early ’99.   The rule of law should apply to EVERY American, especially those who want to lead us.

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