Lily pads…..

Here’s the latest Obama strategic brain trust – lily pads.  From IHS:

“The United States is sending another 450 ‘advisors’ to Iraq to establish what chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Demspey described as another ‘lily pad’: a hub that can be used to empower local Iraqi forces in their fight against the Islamic State militant group.”

Who is this White House consulting for strategic advice, Kermit the Frog?


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7 responses to “Lily pads…..

  1. JK

    “Who is this White House consulting for strategic advice, Kermit the Frog?”

    You’ll be excusing me LB for italicizing and bolding your interrogatory?

    (You did question whether Kermit was in the nearby available.)

    [And ssssh LB, this has to remain private just between you’n me you of course understand … John Kerry’s bicycle thump and Hillary’s having to wear those really weird goggle-type sunglasses thump had all in the world to do with the recent TSA ineptitude dump. … Whenever Federally used words such as dump & thump can possibly be conjugated (Sec/State as an example) with a third possibly rhymer – bump-kin …

    … well it’s code don’t you see, Kermit the Frog or Kerry the Cyclist? … Miss Piggy was a little too obvious … now keep it shushed up LB or Brennan might fire me from the stenographer pool.]

    But. How’n the hell LB did you come across the Operation Lily Pad tag?

    • More like Operation Sitting Duck, judging by the cut and run propensity of the Iraqi Army, hapless defenders of what’s left of the Iraqi state. I didn’t come up with that lily pad tag, JK, I read it at Jane’s and they should know, lol.

  2. JK

    Good then LB.

    I was afraid you’d got Lily Pad from somebody who knew Obama’d classified it Top-Secret. Nobody’d – at least on our Armed Services Committees – would want it leaking that we’re now direct supplying the Kurds with frog gigging gear instead of running the stuff first to Baghdad.

    Secret Missions being secret an’ all you understand.

  3. Robert

    It is Lilly Pad because all the shiny red Re set buttons are on recall. Over all strategy –keep it at a low boil until January 2017 and hand the mess over to the next president. To date, no Sunni fighters are being trained. Only Shia.

  4. JK

    “To date, no Sunni fighters are being trained.”

    A quibble Robert. A small one but nevertheless a quibble.

    Some Sunni fighters are indeed being trained. Unfortunately, by Chechens.

  5. Robert

    Blast those darn Chechens.

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