Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme.


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9 responses to “Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

  1. JK

    Sauve qui peut !!!

  2. It’s an interesting read, right?

  3. JK

    I suppose so.

    One thing I’m certain of, I’m very happy as I’ve gotten older Wikipedia came along. I’m always finding myself clueless with the seemingly de rigeur *new* letters to add to the end of all this LGBTEIEIO stuff.

    Most startling to me is our legislatures – nevermind courts – falling all over themselves recognizing heretofore unknown *rights* in spite of those old-fogey enumerated powers clauses everybody at the public fisc trough feeds from.

    Transgenderism I looked up a couple of years ago. And only last week I had to Wiki “Pansexual” – and nope, nothing to do with either shepherds or flocks as I halfway expected. Texas of all places may be the first state to … oh I dunno. In case you’re unfamiliar LB (and I just know you’re as keen to keep current as I am, meet Mary Gonzales;

  4. JK

    Re-reading the article LB brought up a recollection of an older D&N post. Just the photo David posted along with his thoughts ought to, I think, be enough to convey my thinking on all this stuff;

  5. JK

    Yeah I realize LB, “Old News.”

    God this has been a helluva June. And, oddly enough (can I still even type “oddly”[?) August is regularly spoken of in the US as being the “hottest month” (I heard a couple of tweens saying “hottest” aloud so I suppose saying that is still allowable [of course that was last week) but actually, and only insofar as Arkansas’ experience is – at least in the county in which I personally reside within – September is the hottest month.

    I sure hope in a way Climate Change is actually real. For if September’s news is “odder and/or hotter” than this June’s has been, I simply do not know whether I can handle it.

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