Losing your mind to the mob

Stella Morabito at The Federalist penned, “How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion“, which explains clearly how the political left in America operates in not merely nudging public opinion, but in creating mob hysteria and using mob force to compel their agenda from the accepted majority public opinion into law.  If you’re one of the few independent thinkers left in America, sitting there scratching your head wondering how fringe ideas only a few years ago are now rock solid majority opinions today, well, this excellent article details the social psychology and history behind the transformation.  Ms. Morabito writes:

There is indeed a war on the private mind, as Kevin Williamson explained in a recent National Review column. Unfortunately, too many Americans have been sleeping through most of its propaganda battles, and for a very long time. When it comes to understanding the inner workings of social psychology and political correctness, we seem to be at a loss.

Meanwhile, the power elites who now control the media, academia, and Hollywood seem to understand social psychology well enough to exploit it on a massive scale. They have engaged in psychological warfare against the private mind by inducing “collective belief formation.” There’s really nothing new here. Conditioning and nudging the masses into groupthink is a very old trick of all wannabe dictators. The bloody twentieth century is filled to the gills with examples.

Yet it feels like we’ve awakened to an ambush. A lot of Americans watched in shock while cultish mobs suddenly attacked the RFRA that Pence initially defended. But the groundwork for mass hysteria like this was stealthily laid for decades, and the minefields sown.”

Ms. Morabito’s article includes numerous excellent links to additional reading on propaganda, mind control, political correctness and a wide array of hot button topics.  A quick check of her bio includes work as an intelligence analyst on Russian and Soviet politics, including communist media and propaganda.  Rather than drone on about her article, please take a few minutes and read it yourself and then start clicking on the links within her article.

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  1. Here’s a link to Stella Morabito’s blog (http://stellamorabito.net/), which offers some terrific posts and video clips. I highly recommend watching the three 1960s vintage videos The Children’s Story Part I, II, III (http://stellamorabito.net/videos/), which shows clearly how easily minds can be molded. The modern American school system operates by hijacking words that describe cherished American values and principles and redefining them. Due a pervasive lack of diligence by large numbers of American parents, the vast majority of children come into the classroom as mindless sponges where their parents trust “educators” to teach their children what to believe and think, rather than take any direct responsibility for their children’s moral fiber whatsoever. One can only wonder how many parents, like Johnny’s Dad in these videos, are left in America.

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