A vastly different landscape

Thanks to JK for this link from the In From the Cold blog:

“If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…”

Of course, another repercussion of the Obama administration’s abdication of a leadership role in the region is that the Saudis and Jordanians have turned to Putin and the Chinese for support.


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2 responses to “A vastly different landscape

  1. JK

    It’s called “not limiting one’s own options” which unfortunately some folks out east of me seem to’ve forgot. (Hey DC, yeah you guys, look both ways before you move.)

    Kinda like student drivers in places like Germany.


  2. JK

    I suppose it might be the US Media’s simply preoccupied with the Belmont Stakes being run today.


    (Yes I know. In terrible taqste … [the ‘q’ is intentional)

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