At this point, what difference does another $26.4 million matter anyway?

The Washington Post reports that another  $26.4 million in undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation has been uncovered.  The donations from universities, major corporations, foreign sources will be brushed aside as just a bookkeeping error, as this paragraph explains:

“The money was paid as fees for speeches by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Foundation officials said the funds were tallied internally as “revenue” rather than donations, which is why they had not been included in the public listings of its contributors published as part of the 2008 agreement.”

Don’t look behind the curtain Dorothy, just keep on believing in the mighty and powerful Clinton mafia….  Everything about the Clinton Foundation smells like a huge money-laundering operation for Clinton, Inc. to me, but what do I know, I’m one of those clingers to The Constitution and I’m from rural PA too, oh my doubly-damned for sure, lol.


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5 responses to “At this point, what difference does another $26.4 million matter anyway?

  1. JK

    Good Lord.

    Chelsea’s what, 35 or so … generously I’d give the kid probably accounted for what … 10% of that $Twenty-Six Million Four Hundred Thousand?

    ? !!!

  2. JK, Well, brand names cost more, so being a “Clinton” entitles her to all the better things in life…. Of course, being a pampered princess doesn’t hurt either – heard she had to have a 10 million dollar apartment in NYC too.

  3. Robert

    All the better to keep in touch with the “little people”.

    • Yes, quite a lovely view with the large windows in the pictures – she can gaze upon the “little people” from all 5,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and 5 and 1/2 baths. Quite the little “starter” home for a young couple, lol.

  4. JK

    5½ baths!

    Well if that don’t do to dispel the idea that the Clintons’re Actual Arkies I reckon I’m just gonna have to abandon all hope.

    (Now about that ending word – you two’ll be noting it’s not capitalized?)

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