Right-wing zealotry

Lindsey Graham sure likes to use bombastic rhetoric to bolster a tough on terrorism image.   Andrew McCarthy penned a piece at PC Media:

Lindsey Graham Vows if POTUS, I’m Gonna Call a Drone and We Will Kill’ Any American Thinking of Joining ISIS”

Read more: http://pjmedia.com/andrewmccarthy/2015/05/19/graham-im-gonna-call-a-drone-and-we-will-kill-you/#ixzz3aibhAY

So much for our constitutional right to think whatever we choose and even if thoughts move to attempting to join ISIS, assassination by our executive branch sounds blatantly unconstitutional and a dangerous overreach of governmental power.  As always, Mr McCarthy superbly dissects the matter.


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2 responses to “Right-wing zealotry

  1. JK

    I’ll say one thing for *Lindsey’s Brainstorm* it’d be a helluva first step on the path to remedying urban blight!

    Nevermind the possibilities for actual “shovel ready projects.”

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