Another sighting of Lenin’s ghost

Lenin’s ghost roams the halls of academia, with another haunting being sighted:

Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?

Yes, by reading to your children, this lunatic suggests you are giving your child an unfair advantage, so posits philosopher, Adam Swift…  More to come on this subject of presenting ideas to destroy civil society and families under the guise of “social justice” and other deception by college campus Marxists and sundry left-wing whackos, I just need to check my white privilege at the door first and review the approved list of words I can use that aren’t hurtful or hateful -maybe tomorrow I’ll write it….


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3 responses to “Another sighting of Lenin’s ghost

  1. Thanks for that link – scary times, Somewhere between Lenin’s ghost haunting the hallowed halls of academia or the zombie apocalypse….

  2. Robert

    The Gramsian “long march” continues. The Left will turn all they touch to rot. Then, those that don’t drown in their own rot can be driven out the door.

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