A dose of the truth on race in America

Well, just watched this NBC news report on Michelle Obama getting candid about race, so I am going to be candid too and say just a few words about all the daily slights she recounts.  All of the high-profile cases about black men vs the police involve black men with extensive criminal records – they were CRIMINALS.  You can argue the larger picture issue of incarceration rates for blacks and pretend it’s racism at play, but until black leaders address the real problem, which is the abdication of black men to take responsibility for rearing their children, the violence and criminal behavior will escalate.  White fathers need to take responsibility for rearing  their children too.  We have a society where far too many men have failed to do their duty to their children!  You can scream about rights and slights and whatever else you want and you can demand what you think is owed to you, but truly government will not solve this problem; neither laws nor money can solve the problem of parents failing to teach their children to be good citizens.   Treating other people respectfully is a duty in a civil society!

I think it is pathetic for Michelle and President Obama, who both rode the Affirmative Action gravy train to where they’re at today, to whine about the injustices they’ve endured!. The President of the United States wants to whine about an “alleged-racist white woman in an elevator ” clutching her purse, but did he face that head on and try to talk to the woman?  Michelle wants to whine about daily slights, but did she try to use these situations to talk to the “alleged-white racists” and bridge the racial divide?  NO, they judged without ever getting to know anything about the person – that is called prejudice!   When have they ever in their daily lives tried to get to know something about these white people, whom they’ve branded racists?  Did they ever even once open up a dialog with the alleged-racist white person and try to get to know him/her first, before judging?

They frequently  blame white people and use race to fuel the racial divide,  to further their political agenda and try to ram through more government programs to solve problems; problems that simply talking to people in these daily situations could solve without a government program or a riot in the streets!

President Obama is whining about stereotyping, but he assumes all people in rural PA are racists “clinging to their guns and religion”.  The White House and black leaders are giving a green light and validation for violent, radical Muslim black prison and street gangs and sundry other angry young black  men to attack white people, commit arson, attack the police – this is called ANARCHY!  All sensible people, of all colors and creeds, in America should remain steadfast in speaking the TRUTH and demand all citizens must obey the law!  NOTHING justifies violence against fellow citizens.  All citizens deserve protection from criminals, not giving them a free pass to take over the streets. The Constitution does not allow ANARCHY!

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