The dark cloud of agendas and money

In my “Follow the money” post yesterday I mentioned Christian charities and how money might temper them from speaking freely.  Now, let me be clear I have no evidence that the Obama administration warned Franklin Graham to temper his words or tried to alter how much money Graham’s organization, Samaritan’s Purse, receives, but just knowing  millions of dollars in federal-funding go to Graham’s private charity shows this conflict of interest in being free and unbiased.  I admire the work Franklin Graham’s charity does, so don’t interpret this the wrong way.

In the aftermath of this Garland, TX terrorist attack, Graham spoke out in a way so cautiously compared to his previous comments on radical Islam, that the contrast struck me as odd.

From an April 22, 2015 Western Journalism piece:


Then there’s this March 2, 2015 Talking Points Memo (TPM) piece I’ll quote in a minute, but first let me add this news source is NOT the Bill O’Reilly, well known “talking points”, but supposedly, unlike the oft-charged right-wing bias of Fox News, this TPMsite  states it is:

“Talking Points Memo (TPM) is the premier digital native political news organization in the United States – covering a broad range of politics, policy and national news in Washington D.C. and beyond. Founded in 2000, TPM has grown from a must-read blog to one of the most trusted and compelling websites in political journalism. Widely recognized as the pioneer of iterative journalism, which draws on readers’ knowledge to break stories, it was the first web-native news organization to win the George Polk award for Journalism in 2007 for coverage of the U.S. Attorney Firing Scandal. The editors of Time magazine say TPM is “the prototype of what a successful Web-based news organization is likely to be in the future.””

So, this premiere news source borrowed a famous title from a right-wing biased news source, which allows it to show up on google searches for O’Reilly’s talking points, but don’t notice that, pretend it picked the name out thin air in 2000 and play along.  Here’s a TPM article from March 2, 2015:

“The Rev. Franklin Graham kept up his warnings about Muslim influence on the White House in a recent interview with a Christian media company, saying that “radical Islamists” are “advising various levels of government.””

The articles continues;

““There are Muslims that have access to him in the White House; our foreign policy has a lot of influence now from Muslims,” Graham said. “We see the prime minister of Israel being snubbed by the President and by the White House and by the Democrats, and it’s because of the influence of Islam.””

Then we can look at the May 6, 2015  TPM hailing Graham on his condemnation of Pamela Geller’s cartoon-contest:

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