Patrick Poole – what an investigative journalist should be!!!

Patrick Poole deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this quick and amazing investigative reporting on these two terrorists in Garland, TX.  He connects both Simpson and Soofi to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, but he connects Simpson to another terrorist, Abu-Jihaad, who attended that same mosque and is serving a 10 year sentence in federal prison for terrorism-related charges that go all the way back to Abu-Jihaad’s time serving in the US Navy right after the USS Cole bombing.  Poole states:

“Abu-Jihaad transmitted then-classified information about his battle group’s itinerary, listing dates for anticipated port calls in Hawaii and Australia, and for the battle group’s transit through the Strait of Hormuz. Abu-Jihaad’s disclosure discussed the battle group’s perceived vulnerability to terrorist attack.”

Read more:

Poole relates the information from the Justice Department report.  It took years for this leak to surface when a terrorist raid in a London apartment uncovered floppy disks with this information Abu-Jihad had emailed to London-based radicals at Azzam Publications.

Poole also includes information of Abu-Jihaad’s roommate, Derek Shareef, another ICCP mosque member, who is serving a 35 year sentence for “attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction” (a plot to set off grenades at a mall during the holiday season).

Truly, “No terrorism here!”,  is what the media and the Obama Justice Department bend over backwards to portray.  Poole has done some outstanding investigative work and this is truly superb!!!  Definitely read his entire report!

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