Cliff Kincaid: “Liberal Media Work With Jihadists”

Cliff Kincaid wrote an excellent article exposing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), whose website states they are : “fighting hate, teaching tolerance, seeking justice”, as the distributor of a list, which is little more than the leftist version of Joe McCarthy’s infamous communist list.  Kincaid documents that the media portrays the SPLC as a champion of civil rights, but in reality, they champion only left-wing partisans and show little regard for facts.  He points out that the SPLC circulates a list of so-called “right-wing extremists” or “haters”.  Kincaid states:

“The SPLC exercises what journalist James Simpson calls “partisan tolerance,” which means conservatives and Christians must be demonized and destroyed. On the other hand, anyone on the left is acceptable. That’s why the SPLC hailed the “educational” work of Weather Underground terrorist bomber Bill Ayers.

As the leading spear-carrier in the cultural Marxist war on America, the SPLC is one of the most despicable groups on the political scene these days, and yet it is accepted by the media as somehow authoritative and respectable”

Read more: Family Security Matters
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This SPLC list of right-wing extremists and haters was news to me.  Pamela Geller, the target of a foiled terrorist attack, is on the SPLC list.  Her crime is she speaks out against the radical Islamist threat to the West and the insidious way they and their many aiders and abettors in America try to silence critics. Kincaid’s article is a must read!


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6 responses to “Cliff Kincaid: “Liberal Media Work With Jihadists”

  1. JK

    “This SPLC list of right-wing extremists and haters was news to me.”

    Sorry ’bout that LB, just figured it was common knowledge.

    But – from the “told you so” file:

  2. JK, I find out new stuff every day. Didn’t know that Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie fame had a daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, who was a professional writer. Came across her name in something else I read this morning and the mention of her book, “The Discovery of Freedom”. So, I’ve been trying to read this book and carry on a civil debate at Mr. Kincaid’s article’s comment section (using my susanholly name). Oh, “The Discovery of Freedom” is available for free :

    • JK

      Recognize a Lost Cause LB.

      Mister Kyle is – I judge likely – to respond in some way asserting ISIS wasn’t even around in ’06. I suspect he either doesn’t know AQI > or, a distinct possibility – has an “agenda.”

      • Gosh JK, you really discourage “winning the hearts and minds” of Americans to the cause of FREEDOM. Understandably, so many suffer from partisan indoctrination, that it’s hard to get anyone out of the hurling lame talking points back and forth and actually engage in a discussion.

      • JK

        “Discouraging” wasn’t my intent.

        Just that it takes a relatively longish time to get a firmish foundation on which to construct a dialog. And if the anchor rods haven’t been inserted prior to the mud being poured there’s no way the roof to earth will have grounding.

  3. JK

    Odd you mention Laura Ingalls Wilder, as I recall the TV show had ’em living somewhere in Kansas (I think) but back when I was a kid I met this girl just a relatively short distance – close enough my school could play basketball with her school … then, a few years later a guy I hadn’t recalled turned up in the guise of being one of my division superiors on an aircraft carrier (at the time) somewhere in the Arabian Sea.

    He recalled me though.

    But then I suppose you might know the place as I recall you’ve mentioned a fort in the vicinity.

    Small world.

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