ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm.

Note: This story is from Judicial Watch and I have no way to check the veracity, but it’s one of those open source reports that surfaces and then the situation in TX last night happens, which makes you think this deserves some deeper investigation. I heard some terrorist expert on CNN today  mention the two gunmen killed as “wanna-be terrorists”, trying to downplay the possible ISIS connection. Now, one could argue that embarking on actually committing a terrorist act makes one, yep, an actual terrorist.


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9 responses to “ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

  1. Bad Wolf


  2. Bad Wolf,I did go to your site and read your WTF post. In answer to your last question, you’re trying to indict the peaceful, lawful meeting that was taking place. Whether or not you, I or anyone else agrees with what the meeting was about – it was a lawful assembly and trying to blame the people holding this Mohammed cartoon contest completely misses the point. I find Malik Shabazz to be a vile, subversive, racist, but he has the right to spew his horrible diatribes and even though I have thought he went way beyond “protected free speech” by blocking white voters from entering their polling place – the Obama DOJ dismissed the case. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with other groups’ meetings or speeches, and frankly NOTHING justifies trying to kill other people for what they say or believe, especially here in America.

    As to the ISIS in Mexico report, ISIS has successfully recruited hundreds of Americans, and the press downplays the radical Islamist individuals and more so groups right here in America. The reporting trend from this administration has been to try and sell this “lone wolf” narrative. The ISIS in Mexico report should be investigated.

  3. Bad Wolf

    The Muslim shooters broke the law. Nothing justifies killing other people. I completely agree with you. My only point was why in the world would someone do something that they knew would incite violence? Like this or the Quran burning?

  4. Bad Wolf, I grew up being taught to respect other people’s religious beliefs, however with the more radical adherents of the Muslim faith, the “practice” of their faith directly violates the law and seems to have more political than spiritual components to it. My view has evolved since 9/11, but in general I think if people would try to show more tolerance and kindness, most of us could find some common ground on which to forge understanding.

    With people entrenched in looking for ways to kill the infidels, then have other people proclaim them almost victims of incitement, well, that seems a sort of moralistic fallacy. A belief that if the actions of the cartoonists hadn’t happened, then these radical Islamists would not seek to commit terrorist acts. I believe that is false, as the background information pours out on the radical behavior long before this cartoon event. So, the “incitement” issue, to me is moot. These Muslim shooters, as you describe them, look like they were looking for targets, not reacting out of anger incited by the cartoonists actions. And to make this point a little clearer on “incitement” many of the adherents to this radical faith scream “Death to America!” and define jihad as killing all non-believers. To say they’re acting on their faith begs the question that perhaps the free exercise of their faith far supersedes what we can tolerate in America.

  5. JK

    Bad Wolf … you too LB, getting to the gist of this stuff the ground floor basement “Shores of Tripoli” foundational it’s better put as you say LB,

    ” … the “practice” of their faith directly violates the Ideal and seems to have more political than spiritual components … ”

    That’s it in a nutshell.

    Bad Wolf ends, “Like this or the Quran burning?”

    As if that was to say, “The Supremes declared it offensive (and thus the same as illegal for the purposes of being punitive) to burn the Bible.”

    But that wasn’t the purpose at all was it Bad Wolf?

  6. JK

    Six variations on ‘Glean, Gleaning.’

    Then; “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything … on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them … ” (Mosiac Law)

    Glean: “To gather by acquisition, scrape together,” especially grains left in the field after harvesting, but the earliest use in English is figurative. “To glean,” from Late Latin glennare “make a collection.”

    From what I’ve managed to ahem, glean from the goings-on in Texas (as reported thus far .. on TV most authoritatively we can all be assured) a bunch of cartoonists collected to, uhm cartoon at which point a couple of not-cartoonists somehow arrived (apparently somewhat before reaching Texas) at the conclusion the cartoonists were about to “worship” or perhaps bow down to, oh I dunno, Peanuts or some likewise – and for the not-cartoonists troubles (and gas money) to pre-empt whatever WTF got pre-empted before the planned pre-emption got pre-empted ahead of ahem, the schedule with the Divine.

    Now I’ll not be so presumptuousness as to divine anything much beyond what I’ve ahem, gleaned from TV except maybe, somewhere somehow somebody[s] had a loose screw. Maybe two.

  7. Minta Marie Morze

    I’m going to make another of my idiotic comments:

    Bad Wolf (perchance of the TARDIS Bad Wolfs?)

    You said, “My only point was why in the world would someone do something that they knew would incite violence?”

    The violence was already there in spirit.

    May I suggest that it’s why Marshall Kane entered the street at noon; why Shane changed back into his buckskins and rode to town; why individuals have died to keep a piece of cloth with asymmetric stripes and stars from touching the ground; why some men stood their ground at Thermopylae; why Horatio held the bridge; why El Cid forced the King to swear; why some villagers choose to die rather than give up a hiding fugitive; why hiding fugitives sometimes choose to give themselves up to save hostage villagers; . . .

    It’s not the case of inciting violence. Evil is already incarnate in the world, violence is on the march, this particular fire was ignited long ago.

    If the theater is actually on fire, you MUST yell “Fire!” to be heard above the noise of the movie . . . .

    Our rights are on fire.
    Our country is on fire.

    I am Spartacus.

  8. These young men were looking for a situation to act violently and if not the cartoon drawing competition, a non-political marathon venue or a soldiers’ processing center serves just as well. Incitement? That we live in a free, secular society is incitement: “Death to Infidels”…..

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