To snark or not to snark?

Advice, advice, well, here’s a National Review piece by Larry Kudlow:

“Snarking Hillary Is Not the Way to the White House”

Read more at:

I guess it’s safe to say, I am not on the way to the White House, rofl.  Larry Kudlow warns GOP candidates:
“Snarking your way to the presidency is not likely to happen. And if you go that route, slamming Hillary at every turn, you’re going to lose female voters, minority voters, and young voters — constituencies that the GOP desperately needs to win. It might even help Hillary.”

Of course, Kudlow goes on to warn GOP candidates to present a positive message with details of plans to promote economic growth and positive foreign relations, which sounds good, but in the meantime the Clinton machine will work to caricature all the GOP candidates – using all the snarky attacks they can muster.  Admittedly, it’s a tricky one-way street for male candidates to travel when competing against a female opponent, where the most innocuous gesture can be turned into shrill cries of “sexism”or “ageism”, neatly allowing the smartest woman in the world (who utters more “ums” than any meaningful policy ideas) to opine she’s a “victim” of that omnipresent vast right-wing conspiracy….. again.    Perhaps, Kudlow is right, but for the rest of us not running for President, why pass up on snarking, after all, look how quickly a full-throated snark attack turned Sarah Palin into a synonym for “bimbo”….  Ahhh yes, you’ve got to love the enlightened political left and how they rise above anything as low as outright “sexism”…..

For the rest of us, not in the race, Twitter and blogs most assuredly will snark away, as one good snark inspires another:

Guy Benson

Queen Pro Quo #ReadyForHillary

I like that better than having to call her Broomstick One.


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2 responses to “To snark or not to snark?

  1. Ask me if I give a shit. I am more than tired of political games. Tell the truth. Stand by it. Hillary Clinton is a creature of the Democratic Left, an amoral harridan who would do or say anthing to get elected President. She was fired from her first job as an attorney for the Watergate Commitee for lying and for unethical behavior by a life-long liberal Democrat, Sam Dash, who refused to write her recommendation for a follow-on job. She accomplished nothing as a Senator from New York. She accomplished nothing as Secretary of State. The only qualification for president she possesses is that she has ovaries. Pass…

  2. Kinnison posted a comment, but deleted it, but I happen to agree with where he falls on the endless political games in America. He said, “Tell the truth. Stand by it.” If that were the standard we demanded of our political class in America, assuredly, there would be many vacant positions in Washington!

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