Getting to know “them”

W. Lewis Amselem, also known as Diplomad, wrote an excellent analysis of the Obama foreign policy, “Let’s Hear a Big “Yemen!” for Obama’s Foreign Policy!”. The first line sums it up, but definitely read the entire article:

“Disaster. Everywhere in the world one looks, the disaster that is Obama stares back.”

Each disaster to result from Obama’s misguided foreign policy leaves me wondering whose advice the President is relying on to make these calamitous decisions.  President Obama bears full responsibility for the decisions, but alarm bells keep sounding, warning that the powerful influences behind him and their foreign connections warrant much closer scrutiny.   Watching this detached President escape to the golf course and offer only canned speeches written by others leads me to believe other people are really running the show in this White House.  We should want to know who they really are.

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One response to “Getting to know “them”

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    When the Abyss stares back at you, its worst visage bears a human face. Now we know.

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