GMD breaks down the Islamic threat (a must read)

Policy is a worldview. Intelligence is the real world, a wilderness of untidy facts that may or may not influence policy. When Intelligence fails to provide a true and defensible estimate, a clear picture of threat, policy becomes a rat’s nest ….


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3 responses to “GMD breaks down the Islamic threat (a must read)

  1. JK

    If you happen by GMD, overall I’d say, “Good Analysis” but please don’t take my lifting of one little excerpt for what it ain’t;

    “A very expensive and growing intelligence Community (IC) is now the weak link in the national security chain.”

    Yes. That’s one weak link but there’s another, “oversight” or perhaps rather something along the lines, though the opposite side of the coin, of what used to be called, “information overload.”

    Our host here GMD introduced your writings to me. Thanks. The both of you.

  2. Perhaps, in the intelligence area, like ice cream, sometimes vanilla, chocolate and if you really want to go out on a limb, strawberry, are enough flavors. Unfortunately, the “less is more” philosophy hasn’t caught on in DC yet.

  3. JK


    Lots more dots though. So many more dots I’d argue, agencies and analysts unnecessarily take on the guise of the proverbial dog.

    You ask, “I’m familiar with shepherds, collies, terriers and wiener dogs but, Proverbial Dog?”

    Yes. Chases his tail.

    So that, in order to show the Patriot Act (for instance) is working sufficiently – justifying itself – the agencies of a decade ago which had been tasked to identify … and thwart, largely terror related stuff – wind up engaged with local level PDs rounding up teenagers for possessing a joint or two.

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