A pretty solid performance of “I am the victim……again!”

Here’s my bullet point analysis of Hillary’s email meeting with reporters about her secret email account and private server in her home:

  1. I am the champion of women everywhere – don’t forget that!
  2.  Let me set the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” victim card on the table by sternly mentioning the GOP letter to Iran.
  3. I am innocent.  A secret email server in my home was simply done for a matter of personal convenience, harmless, no intent to hide anything  – let me repeat, nothing to hide.
  4. “I did not break any laws” and *deep sighs* to emphasize this is just another right-wing witch hunt.

You must give her kudos for her ability to  brazenly repeat bold-faced lies and stick to her script. She has perfected those deep sighs to play the victim so well.


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5 responses to “A pretty solid performance of “I am the victim……again!”

  1. JK

    Don’t know who authored it, don’t know it was a, well I guess “a Twit … Tweet” … whatever; but I at least thought it was funny. So the credit for authorship lies elsewhere. I just can’t give credit where credit’s due.

    I did not have textual relations with that server.

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