Lecture – Hillsdale College Online Courses

Lecture – Hillsdale College Online Courses.

Here’s a free online introduction to The Federalist Papers, which every American should read and understand.


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2 responses to “Lecture – Hillsdale College Online Courses

  1. Preaching to the choir. I have a well-thumbed copy on the bookshelf right next to my chair in the living room. Our Founders were a group of exceptional men.

  2. Kinnison, I too keep my old paperback copy next to my chair, although I have a nice 2-volume set of, “The Debate on The Constitution”, from Library of America. I find it helpful to read the views opposed to those in The Federalist Papers in this LOA set. Those arguing against various aspects of The Constitution offered many valid points to the debate. Modern American politicians could learn a lot if they actually talked to their political opponents rather than spewing meaningless poll numbers, talking points and engaging in lowbrow character assassination. And we can all learn a lot more if we listen to those with different points of view.

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