Wanna See Why America Is In Trouble?

More useful idiots…. notice the Obama t-shirt, the ubiquitous modern opiate of the masses – wear one and they will follow…

Musings from a Middle Aged Man


“We just need the right guy, and Karl Marx seems to be the best candidate.”

Cultural commentator Mark Dice returns with another video highlighting how the combination of the cult of personality and general ignorance can lead Americans to agree with any ridiculous statement one can think of.

This time Dice, donning his Obama t-shirt once more, has passers by agreeing with him that it is a good idea for the German Communist economist Karl Marx, who died in 1883, to run for US President in 2016.

Describing Karl Marx as “an economic adviser to the Obama administration for many years” Dice doesn’t even have to try to convince the subjects in the video that Obama is now fully endorsing Marx, in his time a supporter of violent Communist revolution, as a candidate for President.

“Should we continue with that policy…

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