More answers to why jihad

Two articles worth reading on the religion of Peace and violent extremism are at the American Thinker today.  First up, “Please Read the Koran” by Edward Thal offers up a short analysis of what he learned by reading through the Koran twice.  Then, Shoshana Bryen wrote, “NYPD had  it Right a Long Time Ago”,  countering the Marie Harf/John Kerry argument that what jihadis need is more job opportunities and for us to address their greivances.

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One response to “More answers to why jihad

  1. Osama bin Laden was a multi-millionaire. Mohammand Atta was a doctor. “Jihad John” the British-accented, blackgarbed, ISIS executioner, turns out to be an upper-middle-class Brit with a degree in Computer Science. Job placement is not the problem with radical Islam. Islam is the problem with Islam. One wag commented, “Radical Islamists want to kill us. Moderate Muslims want radical Islamists to kill us.” Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses” and under a death fatwah from the Ayatollahs in Iran, recently said, “Very few authors are in hiding because they fear being killed by the Amish”. I have owned an English translation of the Quran for a very long time and have read it cover-to-cover numerous times. “Religion of peace” my ass…

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