The “Clinton Mafia” strikes again

Martin Scorsese invested two years in trailing former President Bill Clinton, filming a documentary, that now sits stalled, due to Clinton handlers concerns about how the film might impact a Hillary Clinton 2016 run for President.  Try not to laugh too much as you read this New York Times piece and then read Matthew Continetti’s piece at National Review Online.  No matter how much Hillary’s faithful minders try to keep a short leash on Bill Clinton’s doggedly determined philandering and unsavory rolling in the mud with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire pervert who kept underage girls in bondage, somehow Bill Clinton always manages to end up slipping out of his collar.  Alas, it is what it is…

Democrats still fawn over this unscrupulous, vainglorious power (hungry) couple, but these “Run, Warren, run” murmurs hint at discontent within the ranks.

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