U.S.-Armed ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Groups Surrender, Defect to Al-Qaeda

U.S.-Armed ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Groups Surrender, Defect to Al-Qaeda.  This is more fantastic reporting and analysis by Patrick Poole at PJ Media.


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7 responses to “U.S.-Armed ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Groups Surrender, Defect to Al-Qaeda

  1. JK

    Recall LB, that [in]famous photo with McCain’s having to his back the now recognized ISIL guy?

    Well. The guys to McCain’s immediate left and right are (were) SRF.

  2. What an amazing surprise…

  3. JK

    Heh. Maybe this’ll help clear things up. I know it helped the heck outta me for figuring out which moderates we’re supporting today. Subject to change of course next week.


  4. You know what JK, I suspect I might be on some “terrorist watch lists” or so I heard a rumor a while back. And I don’t even own any weapons whatsoever, but I do bake some “killer” cookies – even won 1st prize in a cookie contest at work several years ago, lol.

  5. JK

    Well LB, it’s actually pretty easy to get on a given “list” – few years back I set off a firework (the sort of firework – legal in my state – any ten-year-old with the money can purchase)

    Anyway, rather than set the firework off in my hometown which has no pertinent ordinance – note the spelling, ordinance not, ordnance – I was ignorant of that locale’s “list of no-nos.”

    Imagine my surprise when I heard from acquaintances of a regional radio news broadcast that proclaimed “JK set off an explosive device in _________, was released OR and charged with disorderly conduct.”

    The Regional Fusion Office didn’t bother with asking the local authorities what sort, in particular, of “device” nosiree, and so I found myself scratching my head soon after when I tried to board at an airport.

    So. If you think you might be, all it takes to find out is purchase a ticket then get in a TSA line.

    “Clearing can be done but *the process is the punishment.”

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