Jihadist training camps proliferate in Iraq and Syria – The Long War Journal

Jihadist training camps proliferate in Iraq and Syria – The Long War Journal.


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8 responses to “Jihadist training camps proliferate in Iraq and Syria – The Long War Journal

  1. If Jihadis could effectively train troops, or the troops they were training were any good at anything except blowing themselves up or doing the classic RIF “spray & pray”, they would have defeated Israel years ago and kicked us out of Afghanistan.

  2. I’m noticing that ISIL/ISIS/IS seems to be doing a bit better than most – suspect it might be due to the Chechen contribution. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and equipment into training both Arab and Afghan security forces, to little avail too. Jihadis, by their very nature, prey on misfit young people, religious zealots and psychopaths to fill their ranks, it looks like to me.

  3. JK

    “I’m noticing that ISIL/ISIS/IS seems to be doing a bit better than most – suspect it might be due to the Chechen contribution.”


  4. Why thank-you JK, a link within a link of yours provided the answer (Am I psychic or what, lol?):

    “Shishani—born Tarkhan Batirashvili—is a young field commander, just twenty-eight years old. As his names suggests, he is of Chechen origin and was born in Georgia’s Pankisi Valley. He served in an intelligence unit in the Georgian army, and the Wall Street Journal reports in a profile of the young militant that in the 2008 conflict with Russia he “was near the front line, spying on Russian tank columns and relaying their coordinates to Georgian artillery units.” However, in 2010 Shishani was diagnosed with tuberculosis and ultimately discharged from military service. The Journal’s profile of Shishani noted that after being imprisoned for sixteen months for illegally harboring weapons (seemingly due to his support for Chechen jihadist groups), Shishani promptly left Georgia. He resurfaced in Syria in 2013, leading a group called The Army of Emigrants and Partisans.” from a link within your War on the Rocks link to an older one of their links – http://warontherocks.com/2014/10/the-islamic-states-anbar-offensive-and-abu-umar-al-shishani/

  5. JK

    “Am I psychic or what, lol?”

    Dunno exactly LB, some time ago (back when we “first met” I presented you with a name, Shamil Basayev) but admittedly given we’re all to whatever degree affected at each, our base level – from where we [each] entered to where we are now – my general [if it’s to be the accustomed] assessing of you LB is,


    not that, that’s gonna gain you much – except that I know positively, you’ll never be one at risk of going “darkside” and thus gets you out of the mhere conundrum – possibly from here on out.

    You’re ‘One of the Few’ LB – recognizes (and remembers) there’s always History.

    (Our current “History-Makers” notwithstanding.)


    • Shamil Basayev, Yes I remember you mentioning that name – when Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev exploded onto the headlines. You also mentioned the historical Tamerlane.

      Tamerlan Tsarnaev – Dagestan, radical cousin, social media contact with William Plotnikov (with mutual interests in boxing and radical Islam), so many connections to explore. A more vigorous shaking of the family tree too ……. might lead to more answers, just sad that our FBI no longer talks about Islamism.

      Regards the “mhere conundrum”, there’s a sudden resurgence of interest in retrospectives on presidentmendacity’s scandal and thatwitch2016’s war on his other women. mhere just happened along providing commentary and explaining elementary Constitutional issues, in her usual snarky fashion on the excite message boards back then. She never envisioned they’d investigate her and connect with americanrommel, who just happened to have had to retire because of his own sex scandal. Who knows, there might be a “Messages of mhere, Part II” in the works.

  6. JK. And as far as being “psychic”, I prefer to rely on coup d’ oeil – study hard and keep reanalyzing as more info comes to light. Just wish my memory was as good as yours:-)

  7. JK

    You’re doing fine.

    Keeping to your present regimen will do, the best as is possible.

    “Bigger problems” are in store for those who consider themselves “owed the office” for … whatever reason.

    Yeah I know Monica’s catching alot of “stuff” just now. But it may be … and consider this … she just might be, the Hero of the 21st Century.

    And now twenty something years later Monica say’s something of her 20 years aged stuff – doesn’t say anything at all about her rather … it says more about “us”

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