Time to bury the little blue dress?

Monica Lewinsky started a Twitter account and has begun speaking out against “bullying”,  “Monica Lewinsky: Drudge ruined my life”.   Drudge, who was the first to report online about her affair with the married President, led the pack with testing the waters of internet communications, which  revolutionized information dissemination. Spared from any blame for the destruction of her character, Lewinsky oddly fails to even mention the Clinton machine, led by Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Yes, “the smartest woman in the world”  launched probably the largest propaganda campaign in history, to save the Clinton presidency. One can bet, that if Hillary Clinton announces her 2016 candidacy, Monica Lewinsky will probably endorse her, such is the rigor of Lewinsky’s introspection and dissection of the events that transpired.  Lewinsky states she was in love with Bill Clinton, which assuredly clouds judgment, but beyond that, her political beliefs fall to the left, making it easier to buy into the far,-right-wing conspiracy myth.

There may be hope for Lewinsky, since she does recognize the “bullying” part of the attack, to discredit and malign her character; she just refuses to see that she was in love with a weak man, whose wife made it her job to clean up his political scandals.

Yep, time to post this one under the Messages of mhere tab at the top of my home page.  Perhaps there will be a Book II to that saga….  Luckily for mhere, she embraced the internet and moved from message boards to blogging and since this is America, she has a lawyer to fight for her rights this time……. and a small team to help her fight against thatwitch2016’s propaganda campaign.

mhere loves reading the dictionary – from Merriam-Webster:


noun \(ˌ)kam-ˈpān\

: a series of activities designed to produce a particular result

: a series of military battles, attacks, etc., designed to produce a particular result in a war

She’ll go with the second definition, since she loves reading about military strategy, but she hates violence, hummm,  yep, she’ll stick to her war plan to “win the hearts and minds”, no guns or violence allowed…   A bunch of left-wing reactionaries led by a feminist icon vs mhere, a long-time homemaker, excellent cookie-baker.  Where the story goes,  we’ll have to wait and see, lol.  Stay tuned for “extreme catfighting” – the fighting method of choice of thatwitch2016 and her political machine  – petty character assassinations, intimidation, using vicious gossip to turn people against the targeted person, but most of all LIES, LIES and more, LIES.  All mhere can say at this point is,  “MEOW!!!” (that’s catfighting lingo for “Bring It On!”)

What is mhere fighting for?  To defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, of course.  Army assets were used to attack mhere.  The chain of command was corrupted by presidentmendacity, thatwitch2016 and their political operatives.  She intends to prove that a retired general was recruited to spearhead the attack against her, on  American soil  (posse comitatus anyone?) – all to keep presidentmendacity in office.  The one thing that mhere never forgot was that they had tried to have her locked away in a state mental hospital – permanently, to silence her.  And, stuttering mhere had spent too many years finding her voice, to have it silenced by some insane partisan political hacks led by thatwitch2016.

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