Is Foggy Bottom working with terrorists to fight ISIL?

The other day I wrote about Kobani and some concerns  (questions) I had about the Kurds fighting there and serendipitously Nightwatch for October16, 2014 contains some fascinating information about this very thing:

“Syria: Syrian Kurdish sources claimed that the Kurds with US air support have driven ISIL forces from Kobani. They claim that ISIL is only holding a few neighborhoods. The US defense spokesman said the situation is fluid, but confirmed a significant increase in air attacks against ISIL forces in and near Kobani in the past two days.

An al Jazeera article reported that the so-called heroes of the fighting are not the Kurdish peshmera militia, but the hardened fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which the US and NATO have identified as a terrorist organization. The US State Department today confirmed it held a weekend meeting with Syrian Kurdish envoys affiliated with the PKK.

Comment: The ironies of the fight for Kobani continue to mount in that the US air operations are supporting an organization that the US has designated a terrorist organization. That is the only group capable of standing up to ISIL’s fighters. US contact with affiliates of the PKK almost guarantees that Turkey will provide little help in the fight against ISIL.

As for ISIL, the fight for Kobani has not ended because it must take Kobani to secure its northern border.”

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