News Headlines

CNN reports: “Texas health worker is positive for Ebola, would be 1st Ebola transmission in U.S.”

McClatchy DC News reports: “U.S. commander does abrupt about-face on American troops’ contact with Ebola patients”

McClatchy DC news again: “More misinformation on the NSA”

UK’s Mail Online provides a Kobane update (lots of pictures): “ISIS pour reinforcements into border town of Kobane after Kurdish forces halt their advance”


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3 responses to “News Headlines

  1. JK

    “That statement directly contradicted what Rodriguez had said at the earlier briefing.”

    Seems to be alot of that shit going around lately LB.

    (Fortunately the CDC “experts” where Ebola in Texas is concerned seem to have built up some resistance.

    Hold on, something is being said as I’ve just turned on my TV.)

  2. JK, And to think we used to mock the Soviet disinformation campaigns and now in we’re in an alternate universe or something, ’cause sometimes Pravda reports on happenings in America are demonstrably more truthful than spoon-fed White House “narratives”. The lying by this White House is more of a threat to America than ebola. A strong injection of truth serum might cure what ails us.

  3. JK

    “A strong injection of truth serum might cure what ails us.”

    Very likely.

    Only problem is, as I understand from the Big Pharms that does our vaccinations for us is, the new batch won’t be ready until about November.

    And that’s November 2016 – hope we ain’t all really in a pickle by that time.

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