Islamic State expanding?

Here’s a newsflash from Global Security, “Islamic State Militants First Seen in Derna, Eastern Libya: Reports”. President Obama’s other great air campaign left a gaping power vacuum in Libya, which Islamist crazies will fill. This latest report was sourced to Ria Novosti.  Al Arabiya posted an article with a 3:46 length video of  a “parade” yesterday  in Derna by Islamists proclaiming allegiance to the Islamic State.  There were lots of pick-up trucks that looked the same to me in the couple of minutes that I watched, leading me to wonder if they were just circling the block.  Of course, professionals in our intelligence have already probably analyzed this video and made all the proper assessments on the size of the parade and other pertinent information.  Came across another article,“Is Derna becoming an Islamist emirate?”, reporting a similar parade with pick-up trucks in Derna earlier this year. In that parade a group called, “Shura Council of Islamist Youth in Derna”, proclaimed Sharia law.


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2 responses to “Islamic State expanding?

  1. Kinnison

    Back in the first days of my public school teaching career, I taught a course called “World Geography”. The classroom I inherited to teach it in had really old roll-down maps on racks above the blackboards. One of them showed North Africa and the Middle East. It showed a large portion of that region labeled “UAR”…”The United Arab Republic”. President Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt put together the UAR in the late 1950’s-earrly 1960’s. ISIS is not the first politico-military rodeo to be held in this region and trying to unite it under a single banner. The UAR arose and went away quickly. North Africa and the Middle East are a snake’s den of conflicting politics, ethnicities and religions/religious splinter groups. ISIS is doing pretty well right now because, let’s face it, the Iraqi Army really IS “the JV Team”. ISIS is Sunni, the majority of Muslims in the world are Sunni. ISIS is supported financially by Sunni Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Iran is the world’s largest Sh’ia-majority nation. The current government of Iraq is Shi’ia-controlled, and is supported by neighhboring Iran. We are now providing American air support to Iraqi forces against ISIS, attacking ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. In effect the U.S. has now become the Sh’ia Air Force. And Iran is our adversary in the Middle East. Who’s on first?

  2. Thanks for that historical information. I rather suspect that the older folks, to include Al Zawahiri, in the Muslim world, don’t feel very easy with the ISIS younger generation jihadists. Of course, that hasn’t stopped any of them from supplying them with weapons. Yesterday, I read an article (can’t locate it at the moment) comparing ISIS to inner-city gangs and the parallels seem rather striking. Lots of angry, disassociated young men in that area of the world and plenty in ours too, to provide a very deep pool of recruits.

    Of course, you are absolutely right in your assessment that we’re providing air support for Assad, because unlike clueless Obama, Assad has troops on the ground, ready to take advantage of any degrading of ISIS forces. Can you imagine how the rest of the world’s military leaders are laughing at our CINC and his war plan? I am disgusted that he is single handedly making our armed forces look inept.

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