The Kagan battle plan (the “moderate” delusion redux)

They’re back…….  Oh my, the Kagans at the ISW have  “A strategy to defeat ISIS and –Win“……  Totally unrealistic expectations based on militarily defeating ISIS, more reliance on nation-building thrust into overdrive, expanded to Iraq and Syria being preserved as nation states, and a whole heap of expecting other regional players to be inanimate pieces on the chess board.  Of course,”moderates” form the lynchpin of their strategy.  Haven’t Kimberly Kagan’s think tank and her sister-in-law, Victoria Nuland, at the State Department caused enough damage to American foreign policy already?    Ms Kagan’s husband, military expert extraordinaire (NOT), Frederick Kagan,  helped draft this power point presentation worthy strategy of overly simplistic bullet point statements, lacking even a hint of feasibility at present due to the collapsed state status in Iraq and Syria, combined with American international prestige being at an all time low.

I wrote about the Kagans last year about this time of the year, “Better than none”……. the leading from behind refresher course:

With so many idiotic opinion pieces,  penned by “experts” no less, hitting the presses, it’s difficult to choose where to begin commenting.  Frederick Kagan, son of famous historian Donald Kagan, brother of Robert Kagan, brother-in-law of snarky Clinton State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland and husband of Kimberly Kagan, who heads the Institute for the Study of War (source of much of Syrian resistance “facts” swirling about) seems like a good choice.  Frederick Kagan offers his expertise in a laughably titled Washington Post piece, “On Syria, a weak strike is better than none”.  The title pretty much serves as a leitmotif for the leading-from-behind President.  Yes, I admit it, I laughed at the idiocy of some “military expert” proposing that a “weak” response is better than none.  What a clown!!!  He fits perfectly with this President and bunch of fools.  He rambles on about the morale of the Syrian resistance:

“Especially after this lengthy buildup and public debate, Syrian rebels and their supporters would view a U.S. failure to act as abandonment of their cause. In particular, the moderate Syrian opposition, which relies on support from the United States and its allies, would be devastated.”

Okay, I went on for several more paragraphs about the Kagans, our leader from behind and the neoconservative cabal who have been wrong on every foreign policy prediction since we listened to their nonsense about a cakewalk in Iraq.  How many times do they have to be wrong, before they lose their “military expert” status?


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2 responses to “The Kagan battle plan (the “moderate” delusion redux)

  1. Kinnison

    LTC(Ret.) Ralph Peters—whom I have known since we were on active duty in Germany together in the mid-80’s—really IS an expert, and he thinks Obama’s “strategy” is idiotic. I concur.

  2. Agree completely! I have read all of Ralph Peter’s books on military strategy and just the other day I pulled out his “Endless War” book and was rereading several chapters.

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