One hell of a mess

Patrick Poole at PJ Media continues his excellent reporting on the lynchpin of Obama’s newly minted “strategy” to manage the Islamic State problem: ‘Vetted Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Commander Admits Alliance with ISIS, Confirms PJ Media Reporting.  He states:

“Among the other pertinent points from that PJ Media article last week was that this time last year the bipartisan conventional wisdom amongst the foreign policy establishment was that the bulk of the Syrian rebel forces were moderates, a fiction refuted by a Rand Corporation study published last September that found nearly half of the Syrian “rebels” were jihadists or hard-core Islamists.”

Mr. Poole’s report includes copious links to source material, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a cozy reading session.

For the big picture view of our present dilemma dealing with the religion of Peace, G. Murphy Donovan wrote a very interesting piece at The American Thinker, “Global Pathology (Again)”.  He states:

“There is nothing new about religious fascism or caliphates. There is nothing new about rape, infanticide, honor killings, genocide, misogyny, slavery — or headless journalism either. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the logical consequence of recidivism ignored, that rabid dog stalking the civilized world since the mid-20th Century — or since 632 AD, depending on your attention span.”

So,  as President Obama grapples with implementing a war plan devised by the political Left’s brightest environmentally approved low-wattage bulbs, what shines through is the sheer entrenched ideology where President Obama believes “no religion condones the killing of innocents”, despite endless streams of news reports for decades of  Islamic scholars praising suicide attacks, killing “infidels” wherever they find them and  affirming the religious motivation for jihad.  Be confident, he has moved from calling ISIL/ISIS/IS the JV team, to deciding he’s going to manage them, to now he says he has a plan “to degrade and ultimately destroy” them.  Yes, a  plan that relies heavily on the US being the mercenary air force and weapons supplier/trainer for bands of Islamic groups opposed to ISIL/ISIS/IS.

I like my plan better.  Let them kill each other some more and force the Arab leaders and the nuts in Iran to figure out how to cope with the monster they spawned.  We should be securing our border, becoming energy independent, working on internal security.  Trying to create regional stability without forcing the Saudis and Iranians to own their monster  just gives them another opportunity to blame the US, while they manipulate and use us one more time.  President Obama’s war plan combines “the devil is in the details” and “better the devil you know”  into a monstrously  poor strategy, for a hot war where the sparks could ignite into one hell of a mess very quickly.

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