Do you ever read/watch a news story that leaves niggling questions in the back of your mind, making you wonder what the whole story is or how this news story came about? So, here are a few items, both foreign and domestic, that left big question marks for me.

OK, so an American two-star general was murdered in an insider attack in Afghanistan. So, upon reading two stories about his bio (here and here), I deduced he was a supply officer from a desk job at the Pentagon. Then how on earth did this man, who had never deployed,  get selected to be the deputy commander for training Afghan troops in a freakin’ war zone? I also wondered if he was armed when this attack happened and I wondered what the security arrangements were, because one report said he sustained 12 gunshot wounds.  I wondered if he and his wife were Obama supporters.  The media dutifully opined, “What a tragedy!”, and the story was buried along with the general.

All the usual race baiters and agitators in America rushed to MO to create another national “angelic black child gunned down” story, but this time it’s a police officer who is the evil do’er and not a wanna-be cop.  So, yes to express their outrage at this purported “injustice” angry mobs of black folks started rioting and looting, yes somehow stealing and destroying other people’s property makes such a strong moral statement.  Of course, Eric Holder, who can’t be bothered to move quickly on any Obama scandals, from fast and furious to the IRS ,  immediately stated the Justice Department was monitoring this situation and now the FBI is on the case.  The President, who made his career racial grievance politics, already issued a statement, although he did not assert, “the police acted stupidly!”…. yet.  

The Clinton political machine, after several PR trial balloons to lift-off the smartest woman in the world’s 2016 campaign deflated, from the poor, poor pitiful me poverty-stricken flop to her book tour fiasco, decided to take on the Obama political machine and make her case as a strong, decisive leader.  While President Obama, our embarrassing leader from behind on the world stage, can’t figure out how to fight America’s real enemies, rest assured in the world of gutter politics, he doesn’t pull his punches.  And in true liberal fashion, he treats female political opponents just like males.  Watch out Hillary, you only have tired old feminist credentials and all the Clinton scandal baggage, but Obama holds the trump card, he’s the first black President. Wonder who will blink first in this battle royal among all the Democrats.  Samantha Power gets to help fight the “monster” again, lol.  Well, I can’t fault Samantha, because I think of her as thatwitch2016.  This battle will be priceless.

Speaking of President Obama, his buddy Erdogan in Turkey just won re-election, by a healthy margin.  Erdogan promises to build a “new Turkey” and his “new Turkey” centers on rolling back modernity and secular reforms,in favor of Islamist…. ones moving backwards to the 7th century.  Turkey is still part of NATO, doesn’t that make you wonder about that alliance…





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3 responses to “Wonderings…

  1. JK

    Figure I might find “more” stuff digging around over in the German releases, may take awhile.


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