Weekly Address: American Operations in Iraq | The White House

Weekly Address: American Operations in Iraq | The White House.


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3 responses to “Weekly Address: American Operations in Iraq | The White House

  1. President Obama gave the weakest announcement on using US military might in my memory. Oh, we’re using American military might, but never fear it’s not directed at any coherent long-term strategic goals, it won’t be part of a larger effort and there will be no American troops on the ground. Drop a few tons of humanitarian aid, drop a few bombs, then off on another vacation. He certainly inspires his troops, doesn’t he……

  2. Kinnison

    What are the other classic presidential lies? “Think of Social Security as a savings plan. You will never be required to pay into it, you will never be taxed on it, and you will get every nickel back that you put into it.” “Read my lips. No new taxes.” “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” If there are no American troops on the ground then who are we bombing to protect? Logic is simply not Democrats’ long suit, is it?

    • His decision to use force seems to be the result of inside pressure from his girls (Jarrett, Rice, Power) and “for-it-before-he-was-against-it” Kerry, whose crystalline strategic insights leave one dazzled (not) – sounds like a R2P scenario that would get his warrior princesses brandishing their hashtags signs, ready to do battle. R2P trumps American national interests or force protection in this regime.

      Many Republicans in Congress offer nothing better when it comes to assessing the situation in this House of Islam civil war – John McCain most particularly, but many others too. Very few do background research to gain an understanding of the history that got us to the present situation. It’s much easier to regurgitate lame talking points, circulated by “subject matter experts”, without even bothering to check out their resumes. Intellectual laziness seems as much the problem as lack of logic and truthfulness.

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