Time to rebuild the American Team

Busy week, so the blogging fell behind, but never fear I’ll catch up this weekend.  Still thinking about the border crisis and all these children being sent from Central America.  Since President Obama and his hapless staff haven’t a clue how to handle this mess, perhaps it’s time for the States and private citizens to mobilize to take care of the most immediate things first – adequately shelter and feed these pawns in his lame attempt to collapse the system.  This president is a menace to the public good and a national disgrace, but it’s time to put that aside and be Americans first.  We can’t allow children, any children, to be neglected en masse in America and since his administration is handling this about as well as they handled the Obamacare roll-out, it’s time for the adults to take the reins away from him and his clueless minions.  Sure, I know it’s not fair, but adults stand-up and do the right thing.  Until a political solution is reached, these children can’t be allowed to be shuffled about by President Obama with no real plans, beyond his shallow political aims.   Often I disagree with Glenn Beck, but on this issue, I happen to agree.   The President wants a crisis, so the rest of America should refuse to let him instigate one – the best political response to him is to take away his ammunition – these children and make him look like the callous political snake in the grass that he is.  Truly, I avoid using the word “evil”, except in extreme circumstances, but with this administration, their actions, in my view are “evil”.  For the likes of Nancy Pelosi to rush to the border and use poor children as political pawns and props smacks of a lowness and despicable character that “evil” sums up perfectly.  It’s time to take the power away from these fools and rebuild the American team

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