Bad news updates

The Dream Act, Part II (alternatively known as “Suffer the little Hispanic children”):

Here are a few of my thoughts today, take them or leave them, but here’s what I think.  The illegal immigrant children flooding our southern border rests as a disgusting sideshow deliberately instigated by President Obama and his female handlers in the White House to expand his DREAM act vision.  We have more Americans than ever in need of federal assistance to meet their basic needs and the President thinks it’s applause worthy to encourage tens of thousands of unchaperoned children to be shoved into America?   Nancy Pelosi, a mother, rushed to the border for a photo-op to welcome these poor children, who are merely political pawns for the left and she should be roundly condemned!!!  NO SANE MOTHER would encourage little children to be USED as political props like this!  IT IS REPREHENSIBLE and the HEIGHT OF SELFISH, BLIND, PARTISAN POLITICS!!!  NO MOTHER should praise these poor children, many sick being pushed across the border, with no adults to protect them.  That is one of those home truths, that his sycophantic supporters won’t recognize or acknowledge, but it’s the truth nonetheless.  What a thoroughly despicable, lying megalomaniac we’ve got in the White House and less you be confused, Barack Obama is only the puppet, the person I refer to is Valerie Jarrett, who is the one pulling all the strings. In fact, this President has surrounded himself by a bunch of dangerous, decidedly lawless women, who pull his strings and prod him to follow their dictates.   Without these women directing the White House activities, Obama would drift away and golf away the remaining time of his Presidency.   These biddies refuse to allow their far-left plans to moulder away, so hence you can expect more executive orders, more lawlessness, more ratcheting up of factional fighting, more chaos.  It is their plan.  Doubt me, if you wish, I am just putting forth my analysis and my predictions, so feel free to call me a kook, because I’ve been called worse before.

A Bergdahl Update (and you thought UCMJ mattered?):

Now, here’s a Bowe Bergdahl update, courtesy of CNN.  In case you were wondering, Bergdahl was released from in-patient care and is being treated as an outpatient.  His reintegration team ha been assisting him go off post to shop, etc. according to this article.  And here’s the part I found interesting, that despite the copious files compiled from the investigations when he walked away from his base, the reported letter he left behind,  and extensive interviews given by his fellow soldiers who were there when he disappeared, now CNN reports this:

“An Army fact-finding investigation conducted in the months after his disappearance concluded he left his outpost deliberately and of his own free will, according to an official who was briefed on the report.

But there was no definitive conclusion Bergdahl was a deserter because that would require knowing his intent, something officials couldn’t learn without talking to him, a U.S. military official told CNN last month.”

So, it requires talking to him to make this determination, really???  He also has no lawyer assigned to him, so whatever he is saying will not be allowed in any legal proceedings.  Well, I am not a JAG lawyer, so I’ll leave that to the poor Major General put in this unenviable position of determining whether to pursue a prosecution.

Watching the Rose Garden circus with President Obama and the Bergdahl parents, I will stick to the political and  tell you that this White House is waiting until some other events capture the public’s attention and then they will make their move and force the Department of the Army to drop the investigation and exonerate Bergdahl.  Perhaps, Bergdahl needs more drugs and therapy (a new brainwash) to be ready for the prime time roll-out, with, you can be sure, a fully rehearsed far-left legal eagle to watch over him.    They may conjure up some fictitious mental health issue or something to sugarcoat this bitter pill the Army will be forced to swallow, but nothing in the way they have forced military officials to handle Bergdahl  should lead anyone to believe he is considered a deserter by this Commander-In-Chief; no, he is Obama’s type of soldier – dubious loyalties to America, convert to Islam and turned his back on his fellow soldiers.  Yes, I am making radical predictions today, lol.  Time will bear out the truth.

How many more assaults on our vital institutions can America withstand and still remain a Republic, that’s what I have been pondering lately.  When does the Constitution become irrelevant due to executive criminality and legislative malaise, with a court decidedly tepid about making any bold moves?  Time to go read some Livy and think about our fate…

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One response to “Bad news updates

  1. Kinnison

    Concur…and it is a mockery of military justice, an insult to all those who have taken the oath and served honorably that this immature loser who deserted his post and his comrades will walk free, but that’s what’s going to happen. Obama has cashiered most of the senior military officers who might take an honorable stand on this farce, and the rest are just “yes” men trying to make it to their ill-deserved retirement.

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